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Learn to windsurf with UKSA

If you’re new to windsurfing you can grasp the basics in just a few hours. If you’ve got some windsurfing experience, you can hone your skills through shore-based simulation, coaching and on-the-water practical sessions.

As well as two- and five-day courses, UKSA offers bespoke progressive courses that follow different stages of the RYA Windsurfing Scheme.

RYA Youth Windsurfing Scheme, Stages 1 and 2

An easy and accessible starter programme, this certificated course allows students to log their progression and recognise their achievements.

Stage 1 is a gentle introduction to the basics of windsurfing including launching and turning, and returning to shore safely and confidently.

Stage 2 develops tacking and jibing skills. All students need to get going is a degree of water confidence. The scheme is aligned to the RYA national windsurfing syllabus.

RYA National Windsurfing Scheme – Start Windsurfing and Intermediate Windsurfing

These courses are designed for students aged 12 and over. All you need to get going is a degree of water confidence.

Windsurf skills covered by both schemes

  • Launching, starting and landing
  • Sailing techniques, stance and manoeuvres
  • Rigging
  • Rescue techniques and safety
  • Sailing conditions
  • Sailing theory
  • Equipment

Prices from £72

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