A great platform to build teamwork and communication skills

Keelboating is a sailing activity using a boat with a fixed keel designed to self-right if capsized due to the construction of the hull. These boats are generally bigger than dinghies and can be used on both inland and coastal waters.

Keelboats bridge the gap between dinghies and yachts. They afford all the stability of a yacht but are small enough to be handled by sailors of all ages.

Our fleet

We have a fleet of J80s and Colgate 26-foot keelboats, the ideal craft for groups of up to six children to have a go at sailing.

Keelboats are perfect for the development of soft skills. Each young person is assigned a task and learns about the importance of their role in the sailing of the boat.A school group mastering Keelboating

During the session, crew members swap roles so they understand everyone else’s purpose on the boat and the importance of working together.

Incorporate keelboating into your multi-activity programme

Keelboating can be incorporated into your multi-activity programme – alternatively,  schools can focus specifically on sailing, with students working towards their RYA keelboating qualifications.

UKSA offers youth stages 1 to 4. Sailing on the big boats teaches young people how to really work together as a close-knit team.

A pupil directing a yacht

Yachting – ideal for improving interpersonal skills and confidence

For many of our students, yachting is an exhilarating experience of a lifetime and the ideal vehicle for improving interpersonal skills, confidence, independence and practical seamanship. Our fleet of purpose-built 33- and 65-foot training yachts are designed to inspire, engage and broaden young minds about what’s possible. The minimum age for our yachting programmes is 12 years.