STCW Training course completed!

Safety is paramount in the maritime world which is why we offer a comprehensive range of STCW safety training courses. One of our students, Phil Crozier has been recording his progress through the Superyacht Cadetship training days!

So what is STCW and why is a requirement for working on a superyacht?

STCW stands for ‘Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping’. STCW came into force in 1978 as Governments agreed to standardise training around the world. STCW Basic Safety Training, as it is known today is required by all seafarers who are working onboard commercial ships or Superyachts.

If you are seeking employment on a Superyacht, commercial ship, ferry or cruise ship you are required to complete an STCW Basic Safety Training Course. Please note, all seafarers are required to complete an ENG1 medical.

A day by day guide during my STCW Basic Safety Training course

Day 1
“After this action-packed week, we have successfully completed our STCW, meaning we are now competent in Sea Survival, basic first aid, and fire fighting! The week started off with our sea survival section, which we will never forget after we had to brave the disastrous conditions in the swimming pool at UKSA, there’s just something about being soaked with a cold hose which isn’t fun.”

Day 2 & 3
“Moving on to day three, first aid! Thank goodness for the song Stayin’ Alive by the Bee Gees otherwise maintaining an appropriate rhythm for CPR would just be impossible!”

Day 4 & 5
“These consisted of the fun stuff… Setting things on fire! Following a whole morning of PowerPoints (which everybody loves, of course), we made our way to the fire site where we learned about the seriousness of fires. After completing each section it was time to put what we had learnt into action. What did that entail exactly you’re wondering? 30 minutes of pure HELL! Trying to find your way through a series of metal containers filled with blinding smoke and burning at 1,100 degrees?? Easy.”

“After extinguishing the fire and dragging out the casualties face down by their legs we had successfully completed our STCW. So if you ever have an emergency onboard your vessel, who you gonna call?? COMO! Time to celebrate finishing a great week!”