UKSA now has fast and efficient broadband, which is vital to the running of such a large site (3.5 acres), hosting so many staff, students and visitors each day. From experienced yachtsmen studying for exams, to teachers on a school trip with a large group of ten-year-olds, to USKA staff working day-to-day; everyone benefits from smooth wi-fi access and fast broadband speeds.

All this is possible thanks to WightFibre. The company offer superfast broadband to customers in their cable network, which is the only independent cable network in the UK.  WightFibre recently increased its top speed to 152Mbs, which is twice the fastest speed offered by BT, Talk Talk and Sky. Their fast, fibre optic network delivers the very best performance, reliability and speed, and their one-stop service means they offer unrivalled voice and data solutions. Combined with dedicated applications and software, WightFibre helps transform the way organisations operate.

UKSA’s deputy chief executive Ben Willows explains how WightFibre has helped UKSA.

“WightFibre weren’t just interested in us as a paying customer. They wanted to find out what UKSA as a charity did and work closely with us rather than have a purely commercial relationship. They came up with workable solutions and being local they are on hand whenever we need them to be.

“Their fibre cable now supports all our internet usage.  The day we turned on our broadband through that fibre connection, it just absolutely transformed everything that we’d had up to that point and made a huge difference to us.

“For example, our students have unlimited wi-fi anywhere on site, even out on their boats on the pontoons. Teachers on school trips can work onsite while children are out on the water with our instructors. Our staff can work off laptops and tablets in any meeting room. All our data is hosted in the cloud, we have smooth internet access, and we have an integrated phone system.

“All this comes with the security of us being able to breathe easily, knowing that WightFibre are only a phonecall away if we need them.”

Recently, UKSA’s 30Mb x 30Mb connection was being maxed out at certain times due to the increased number of students on site. Following a request to up the speed, WightFibre swiftly increased the speed to 100Mb x100Mb which has had a significant effect on accessibility by UKSA’s multiple users.

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