Cadetship graduate James Johnson and phase 2 Professional Yacht Cadet Dan Snook were part of the same Sea Cadet group and members of T.S. Rebel, a Sea School on the East Coast of England before their time at UKSA.

Today James and Dan are working on board the same 45m Superyacht; James as Captain and Dan a Deckhand. We caught up with James to ask him how he got into this industry.

“I took my first course at UKSA aged 18. I had heard about UKSA through a friend and came down to an open day. It was the experiences I had had at Sea Cadets which interested me in UKSA’s courses.

I completed my Ocean Yachtmaster by the end of winter 07 – 08. Today I have now completed the cadetship, my OOW modules and all of my Master 3000gt modules through UKSA.

I had a great time training at UKSA, I met some great people. I would say completing my Yachtmaster Ocean Training in the Caribbean was a particular highlight. To experience the Caribbean at 18 was amazing.

Whilst I was completing my course at UKSA I had great support from the UKSA careers team. They helped me find my first job on a 47m motor yacht, in the South of France; which meant I was able to avoid dock walking. Now I am out in the industry, I always recommend their careers department.

Highlights from my time in the industry includes; cruising the Pacific especially Fiji, and sailing back from New Zealand across the Southern Pacific to Southern Chile – some epic sailing on a great boat.

UKSA’s training is so important to you when you step into the industry, it prepares you with a positive and professional approach to the industry, something which I have noticed with Cadet Dan Snook who is currently on board as a Deckhand”