Here, our Chief Executive Richard Thornton writes a blog about our partnership with legalmatters:
UKSA is delighted to have formed a partnership with legalmatters, which will offer cost-effective legal solutions to all our supporters, including our students as they pursue their careers – and help our charity at the same time.
As a youth charity, part of the process of offering transformational opportunities to the thousands of young people who come to UKSA is sending them on their way well equipped for what the future holds.
We offer our career course students realistic advice about what is expected of them in any workplace (not the just maritime industry), we give them help to create a strong CV and we provide 1:1 mentoring and access to our careers network.
Now, thanks to our partnership with legalmatters, we can tell our students about services such as fast-track wills and power of attorney packages too. As legalmatters’ partner charity, every time our students, staff, or supporters buy a fast-track Will and Lasting Power of Attorney package or buy a stand alone fast-track Will, a donation of 50% of the net fixed price legal fees will be given to UKSA.
As well as getting the peace of mind that your legal documents have been taken care of, there’s the added opportunity to leave a legacy (of any size) to us. You could benefit UKSA twice, once straightaway with the fee donation and again with a future legacy.
As a youth charity, it is vital we raise funds, and we are most appreciative that legalmatters have chosen to support us. We have big plans for the future, and recently launched a three-year strategy outlining those. One area we have massive expansion plans for is our youth development programmes, which tackles the problem of NEETs (those Not in Education, Employment or Training).
There’s never been more need for these programmes, as up to one in five of the UK’s under-25s are unemployed and that costs the taxpayer around £20million a week in Job Seekers Allowance alone. Last year NEETS cost the country £4.7 billion – which is more than the budget of Further Education for 16-19 year olds. However, a youth development programme like ours costs just £1,000 to transform and change a life. They are proven to work in the overwhelmingly vast majority of cases.
For example our Change Direction scheme for young people seeking to move off benefits and into employment has an 85% success rate and our Unlocking Potential course for young offenders saw a 91% success rate (those who served their sentence and did not re-offend). The biggest barrier for young people to enter into employment is self confidence and esteem and our programmes and the challenges they bring are proven to restore that,
to give them the purpose and motivation they need, plus a direction towards work, volunteering, education, or training. It gives them a new lease of life and shows them avenues they have not even considered taking before.
At UKSA we have been helping about 200 youth development participants a year and we want to increase that to 2,000 by 2017, as well as increasing the amount of schools and groups participants to 8,000 (from 6,500) and increase our professional customer base too. So we’ll be doing all in our power to raise the additional £3 million a year required to fund our plans, as well as securing capital funding to invest in our sites.
You can find out more about our partnership with legalmatters and the services offered at