17-25 years old? Get financial support for yachting and watersports training with the Milo Hanlon Bursary

About the Milo Hanlon Bursary

Milo (Michael) Hanlon was a gifted and talented watersports instructor and newly qualified RYA yachtmaster who sadly lost his life in a tragic accident on the 7th April 2013. At the time of his death Milo, who was only 22, was working onboard a superyacht based in the Mediterranean.

Milo’s family and UKSA have formed a bursary scheme in memory of Milo and his achievements, with the hope that something of his energy and extraordinary passion can continue. The bursary scheme aims to support young people aged 17 – 25 who have, in Milo’s family’s words, “done it the hard way, just like Milo”, with little financial support, but driven by a dream to train and gain employment in the marine industry. By creating this opportunity a young person will be able to walk in his footsteps onto an exciting and challenging career.

One of the key philosophies of this bursary is that any funds granted will be paid back into the scheme by the recipient.  Successful candidates agree a realistic and achievable repayment schedule. There is no interest charged on any of the funds granted.

How to apply and what’s involved?

Applications can be made at any stage throughout the year and bursary places will be awarded on a case by case basis. Applicants will be expected to undertake a selection interview; this can be on site at USKA, via Skype, or over the phone.

Some funds have been specifically ring-fenced for residents of the Lake District, where Milo was from. Please ask for further details.

Your course advisor will be able assess your eligibility, advise you on how much you might be able to get funded for, and support you with your funding applications. For all enquiries please call 01983 203038 or email [email protected]