Assist Funding for Superyacht Cadetships

UKSA can help aspiring young (18-25 years old) seafarers with assisted funding up to £15,000 towards UKSA’s Superyacht Cadetship programme.

The Superyacht Cadetship is a unique structured four year programme is designed to train the future Officers and Captains of the superyacht industry. It combines the most relevant Superyacht training with personal mentoring, equipping graduates with a strong foundation of knowledge and realistic understanding of the industry they are entering in to.

UKSA, works in partnership with charities including Seafarers UK, AMERC and various other funders, to help those young people who have the potential, but not necessarily the financial means, to join the highly successful Superyacht Cadetship.

Who can apply for funding?

Cadets who qualify for this funding opportunity are typically aged between 18 and 25-years-old and drawn from a diverse background. Over the past 10 years an average 50% of each annual intake of cadets has received substantial assisted funding from leading maritime charities and funders including Seafarers UK, AMERC and Trinity House. The recognition and support from these highly respected maritime sector organisations is an effective endorsement of the Superyacht Cadetship as a respected and viable alternative to commercial/merchant routes or university study.

These schemes have a long-term remit of attracting increased funding, support and awareness from the superyacht and maritime sector, to further support careers in professional yachting.

How can I apply for the Superyacht Cadetship funding?

To register your interest in the various assisted funding options available for the UKSA’s Superyacht Cadetship programme, please submit the required details in the form below.

Once you have entered your contact details one of our careers course advisors will be in touch to provide further information and help regarding the options available.

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