Life-changing and life-enhancing opportunities

As a youth charity, we don’t just provide qualifications but life-changing and life-enhancing opportunities.

A group of young sailors having fun on the water Keelboating with UKSA

We have a huge number of programmes available to get young people motivated, into the right frame of mind for work and able to access opportunities. We engage them, educate them and help them with the transitional phases in their life.

We show the benefits of teamwork, and how to be a leader. We watch as our young people grow in confidence and find their voice. We guide them towards a brighter future.

An inclusive approach

Importantly, we are inclusive. We involve everybody, whether they have physical challenges or emotional difficulties to overcome, or whether they are high-achievers looking for ultimate challenges.

A youth group being taught how to sail with UKSA

We strive to provide the very best learning environment possible. The generosity of donations, volunteers and our partners helps us close the gap between acceptable and exceptional training.

Overall, our impact both in the local community and nationally is far reaching with 9,000 people benefiting from our charitable activity in 2014 alone.