Watersports team

Meet our watersports team

Welcome to UKSA’s watersports team, made up of a diverse bunch of people with a common love of watersports!

A profile photo of Watersports manager Gary Kurth

Gary Kurth

Watersports Manager

Gary has a passion for being on the water powered by the wind! He has a broad experience in watersports and spent several years travelling and working in exotic locations, sharing his passion for being on the water with others. During his time at UKSA, Gary has been involved in our Youth Development Programmes, Further Education Curriculum development and has rapidly expanded the Watersports Department.

“Sharing my love of watersports with students and seeing the fire ignite in them motivates me every day. UKSA gives everyone, regardless of experience, the opportunity to get out on the water, learn invaluable skills and have some fun!”

Profile photo of Katie Lewis

Katie Lewis

Chief Watersports Instructor

In 2006 Katie was a Nanny at Neilson. Her boss would send her to the beach front to help the instructors which made her really happy; this is when she learned to sail. She became an Apprentice Instructor and qualified as an Instructor in 2007. In 2008 she became a Windsurf Instructor and in 2012, a Senior Instructor. She went on to be a Beach Manager and then managed activities including biking, tennis, fitness, sailing, windsurfing and waterskiing.

Katie loves teaching because she enjoys seeing students become really passionate about the new sports they’ve been learning. In her management role she loves working with the staff, monitoring their progress and helping them become amazing employees. Katie believes that UKSA is the perfect place to work because she can do what she loves while continuing to sail and windsurf.

For big groups Katie’s teaching style is fun and bubbly, but she’s also happy to boost confidence and instil a ‘can do’ attitude into individuals.

“I love having rapport with the students and knowing I’ve given them new experiences and memories that will last forever.”



I continue to be inspired by our students, some of whom have come from challenging backgrounds, and we have seen them turn their lives around and leave UKSA with new work and life skills that will set them up for a long-term career in the maritime industry.

It is a good reminder for us all that with the right encouragement and training, anyone can begin a new chapter and look ahead to a rewarding, long-term career.

Ben Willows -UKSA Chief Executive

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