Life after Graduation

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We’ve complied a selection of stories from graduates outlining their experiences, life before and after their chosen career course and what key advice they would give to someone who is considering a career within the maritime industry.

Our graduates share their top career tips

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Superyacht career success stories

Superyacht Cadetship – Thinking about an alternative to university and becoming a captain of a superyacht? Then this is the course for you. We have so many aspirational stories to tempt you towards signing up to this fantastic career!

Superyacht crew – Whether you want to work on the interior or exterior of a superyacht, we have a 3-week entry level course to suit you. Ideal for entering the industry and getting a feel for the lifestyle before committing to a long-term career. Ideal if you’re planning a gap year or a change of direction. Salaries for entry-level roles start at €2,500!

A professional offshore student pulling a rope

Professional Yachtmaster stories

The RYA Yachtmaster Offshore certificate is recognised and respected around the world and is the ultimate aim of many skippers looking for employment opportunities in flotilla, charter, deliveries and instruction.  Read our inspirational stories and find out where this pathway can lead.

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Watersports careers

Considering a gap year, maybe a career in the watersports industry is more appealing than a desk job?  Do you love teaching and working outside doing something you love? With the growth of the leisure industry and tourism, the demand for instructors is at an all-time high!  Plus our partnerships with the likes of Neilson and Mark Warner means you can take advantage of working in the top overseas venues.