Seamanship and Meteorology (Master Yachts)

Master Yachts Seamanship and Meteorology Course from UKSA

The MCA Seamanship and Meteorology (Master Yacht) course is a component of the MCA Master certificate.

About the course

The course covers five areas:
  • Seamanship – including heavy weather, emergency action, ship handling, dry docking
  • Navigation – including watchkeeping procedures, IRPCS and passage planning
  • Meteorology – including atmospheric stability, air masses, local variations, pressure and meteorological forecasting
  • MARPOL – including IMO conventions concerning safety of life and environmental protection
  • Code of Safe Working practices – including personal safety, safety officer responsibility, incident reporting and investigation

The Seamanship and Meteorology (Master Yachts) course can also be taken as a live online course, please see further details below.

Training towards:

Live Online Learning course available

Our Seamanship and Meteorology (Master Yachts) course is also available as a LIVE online learning course delivered by UKSA’s dedicated instructors. We’ve liaised with the MCA in order to offer a variety of LIVE online courses to enable our students to progress in their maritime training. This technical innovation gives you the advantage of being able to study LIVE with our professional instructors in real-time in the safety of your home or vessel; without the need to travel*. Real-time learning sessions are held over the voice and video platform, Zoom and can be completed from home using a WiFi enabled laptop or home PC**.

The course will be run over 5 days (Monday to Friday) via zoom with one of UKSA’s expert instructors. Your live online lectures will be recorded and available for you to review after class and you will also be provided with additional resources not usually available to students, such as your PowerPoint slides.

*You will still be required to sit an IAMI examination, this can be sat at UKSA on the second Friday of the course. If you would like to sit the exam at UKSA there is an additional exam fee of £150.00. Alternatively the IAMI exam can also be taken at any IAMI exam centre.

**Please follow the links below for system requirements to run Zoom on a laptop or PC.


Assessment is by written 2.5-hour examination at the end of the module. A 60% mark is required to pass the examination.


  • Seamanship: the skill, techniques, or practice of handling a ship or boat at sea
  • Navigation: the process or activity of accurately ascertaining one’s position and planning and following a route
  • Meteorology: the scientific study of the atmosphere and of atmospheric conditions, especially as they relate to weather and weather forecasting
  • MARPOL: the shortened version of Marine Pollution, which refers to the 1978 international treaty for the prevention of pollution from ships
  • IRPCS: is the acronym for International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea
  • MCA: the Maritime and Coast Guard Agency

Dates and pricing

Course From To Non-res All-inc
Seamanship and Meteorology (Master Yachts) 25/10/2021 29/10/2021 £1,100 £1,220
Seamanship and Meteorology (Master Yachts) 31/01/2022 04/02/2022 £1,100 £1,260

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