A taste of what’s to come

Fuel your days at UKSA with our delicious home cooked meals. From hearty breakfasts to wholesome evening meals, there’s something to suit everyone.

Our kitchen

Healthy and hearty mealtimes

All our meals are freshly prepared and cooked on site in our busy kitchen. We use local fruit and vegetables when in season and we are proud to support local farmers – all our beef, lamb and pork being sourced from the Isle of Wight. We only use free range eggs. All beef, lamb and chicken is Halal.

We serve a full cooked breakfast each morning, with plenty of fresh fruit and healthy options to choose from. Lunch is sandwich/roll, fruit, crisps and a snack, usually eaten outside. Evening meals are a wholesome affair, as we know how hungry our activities will make you!

We cater for all dietary requirements and our kitchen staff receive allergen training.

Sample children’s menu

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5
Buffet breakfast Buffet breakfast Buffet breakfast Buffet breakfast Buffet breakfast
Packed lunch Packed lunch Packed lunch Packed lunch Packed lunch
Spaghetti bolognaise or Lentil bolognaise (v) Oven baked breaded chicken or Vegetable goujons (v) Homemade Isle of Wight beef burgers or Macaroni cheese (v) Beef lasagne or Roasted vegetable lasagne (v) Turkey meatballs with pasta or Veggie ‘meat’ balls (v)
Salad Bar Salad Bar Salad Bar Salad Bar Salad Bar
Chocolate sponge Pear crumble Lemon crunch Apple tart Fresh fruit salad

Food feedback

Don’t just take our word for it! This is what some of our guests say about our food:

“The food was a highlight for the kids! Too many outdoor companies have a factory feel at mealtimes, but at UKSA it was all fantastic. The food was great quality with plenty of choices.” – Trevor Roberts School

“Food and accommodation were great. Nothing was too much trouble at mealtimes; one child is autistic and only ever eats chips. Chips were not on the menu, but the kitchen made chips specially, each night.”  – Haseltine School

“The food and the staff in the kitchen are amazing; all children eat well and are well cared for. One night the chefs made an omelette for one child as they didn’t like the options that were available. All dietary requirements are met, and we always get a smile from the kitchen staff, even though they are so busy.” – St Augustine School

“The food was child friendly; tasty, filling and well balanced. There was as much as they wanted, and they particularly enjoyed the puddings! Children with dietary needs or allergies were quickly and well catered for and the kitchen staff were always happy to adapt to individual needs.” – The Greville School