UKSA instructor tipping water over a child's head

Instructors and staff

“We had a fantastic trip, both the staff and students. We felt our every need was catered for with a smile. UKSA are a lovely small, well-oiled company and nothing felt like too much trouble. They have been fantastic with the organisation from day one and we have always been made to feel like we are the only school they were catering for! Great personal service.” – Bianca Harland

“Several of our students are SEN and nervous, yet all children have been able to do as much as they can; they have been challenged and have benefited from the challenge. The instructors were very patient with the children, yet firm enough when needed.” – Haseltine

Children smiling with a UKSA instructor


“The whole UKSA experience is wonderful, the environment at the centre and what is included – it’s the whole experience. There is continuity year on year, the trip is easy to organise with good pre-visit information and once at UKSA we know the children are in a wonderfully safe and secure environment, looked after and that the experience is fun and totally inclusive.” – St. Augustine

“It was nice for the teachers to join in with the activities, I have never been to a centre that provides evening entertainment – this was a real bonus. The cinema night was a nice relaxing option, and the children loved crabbing, as they do not get the opportunity to go to the beach.” – Haseltine

Children interacting with a water game


“The food was child friendly; tasty, filling and well balanced. There was as much as they wanted, and they particularly enjoyed the puddings! Children with dietary needs or allergies were quickly and well catered for and the kitchen staff were always happy to adapt to individual needs.” – The Greville

“Food and accommodation were great. Nothing was too much trouble at mealtimes; one child is autistic and only ever eats chips. Chips were not on the menu, but the kitchen made chips specially, each night.”  – Haseltine

Children playing with a hose


“As a leader, the whole visit was stress free, and we felt safe, secure and looked after.” – Haseltine

“UKSA were fantastic at adapting to any of our needs, which we had many of. Every member of staff was enthusiastic and really wanted the children to be safe but also pushing their boundaries. The amount of staff available to keep us safe was a huge focus and really reassured the children. The children had a fantastic time and really enjoyed the opportunities that were given to them.” – The Greville