RYA Wingfoiling First Flights Course

About the course

What is Wingfoiling?

Windfoiling is a surface watersport that is the hydrofoiling evolution of windsurfing, as well as typical sailing boat’s and sailing hydrofoil’s. It uses similar equipment to windsurfing with a normal or slightly evolved rig on a normal or specialist foil board.

Your wing is ready for use in just a few minutes: Inflate & off you go. You stand or kneel on a large hydrofoil board. In both hands you hold the Wing, the inflatable kite, which floats in the wind without pressure even in light winds. You place the wing in the wind and generate lift and propulsion. You’re already moving on the water. With the foil board, a board with a hydrofoil construction under water, you start planing very early and as soon as you have reached a certain speed, your board detaches itself from the water surface. Suddenly everything becomes very quiet and light: you lift off the water and seem to float with your board in the air.

What will I learn in this course?

In our RYA Wingfoiling First Flights Course, you will progress the pre-learnt skills of Wingsurfing, taking them to the next level and learning to wingfoil. This course will assist you in understanding and achieving your first flights in both directions and gaining the knowledge to increase flight time.

What’s included

This course is all-inclusive. The cost covers your food and accommodation for the duration of the training, as well as the kit and equipment needed.


At the end of this course you will be able to setup, launch and recover wingfoiling equipment safely, making your first take offs and short flights on the foil. Improving your knowledge and understanding of equipment available and opportunities for continuing, including the next wing-foiling progression of sustaining flight.

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