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Transforming lives through the power of the sea

UKSA has been helping young people to reach their true potential by providing pathways into maritime employment for more than 35 years.  Our local Cowes based charity welcomed 6,785 students from schools and groups through its doors and out onto the Solent last year.

UKSA aims to remove both financial and social barriers to enable students from any background to access its programmes by providing funding for those who need it. We want our beneficiaries to achieve their best, to gain lifechanging experiences, qualifications, and progress along a pathway into a maritime career.

UKSA empowers children and young people to reach their true potential by cultivating a positive mindset, developing vital life skills, broadening horizons, and offering structured pathways into employment in the maritime industry.



UKSA relies on support from individuals, companies and foundations to give children and young people hope for the future and equip them with the skills to make successful transitions into adulthood and employment. Your donation will enable us to continue to offer programmes and world class training, in up-to date facilities, to children and young people who need us now more than ever.

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Lessons you can’t learn in the classroom

Outdoor learning has been found to improve attainment by up to four months. UKSA believe that every child should experience water-based learning, encouraging them to leave their comfort zone, develop new skills, push limits and have freedom to explore their potential outside of the classroom.

UKSA’s local youth development initiatives include programmes such as ‘Test the Water’, and ‘Polly’s Challenge’, as well as delivering Further Education courses to local young people in partnership with the Isle of Wight College. The next step on its pathway is The Sea.Change Foundation programme, providing transformational outdoor education, designed for those who may not excel in the tradition academic environment .


Empowering young people to reach their potential

Our Charity Projects make a real difference to individuals who want to make a positive change in their life.

Raffy – aged 16

“I can’t focus on learning at school, but the way they teach things is different.  It’s the first place where I haven’t just been treated like a kid – they even trusted me to drive a boat! They’re my role models.  Now I want to be a watersports instructor when I grow up.  I’ve never felt like I had options for the future before.”

Funding partners

As a charity, we depend heavily upon the generous support and donations provided by our partners and sponsors. Relationships we build with organisations and businesses can help transform the future lives of thousands of children and young people every year.

For more information on how you can get involved, email [email protected]

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