Launch of UKSA Founder's Club

Published 27/01/2023

We were delighted to launch our new Founders’ Club at The The Fishmongers’​ Company Hall in London this week.

The club will bring together likeminded philanthropists who are passionate about empowering children and young people through the power of the sea. A huge thank you to everyone who attended.

Our giving club is for individuals who are willing to make a multi-year commitment to UKSA that will have a lasting impact.

“What a venue to launch UKSA’s Founders’ Club last night!” said Amy Sweeting, Director of Development and Fundraising.  “We had 100 guests at The Fishmongers’​ Company Hall to hear about our plans for the future. Every single one of them can help us on our journey to empower children and young people who don’t have the best start in life to transform their lives.”

UKSA are at the forefront of using the power of the sea to give a brighter future to children and young people. We aim to increase diversity in the maritime sector through our vital work with harder to reach children and young people. We know that this won’t happen overnight and the only way to change the lives of those that need it most is through sustained funding and investment in our future.

You can join this wonderful club by pledging an annual commitment of £20,000 or more. Your donation will enable us to provide those children and young people who need it the most with our life-changing water-based adventure activities and along the pathway best placed to give them a brighter future.

£20,000 could fund 800 wellbeing sessions for young people who are struggling with their mental health.
£50,000 could enable 125 young people to attend our week-long Sea.Change Foundation programme to learn more about
maritime careers.

£100,000 could enable 500 disadvantaged children to participate in a 3-day residential school visit.

You can find more information about UKSA’s Founders’ Club here.

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