Navigation, Radar and ARPA Simulator (Master Yachts)

Navigation ARPA and Radar (Master Yachts)

This course builds on the subjects covered in the OOW Navigation and Radar module by refreshing training in chart work, tides and radar and by introducing other aspects necessary at Master level.

About the course

This Navigation, Radar and ARPA Simulator (Master Yachts) course includes passage planning, training in the use of ECDIS, knowledge of IRPCS, competence in search and rescue, a full understanding and expertise in the use of radar and ARPA.

During the course, 10 days are spent in our navigation simulator.

The Navigation, Radar and ARPA Simulator (Master Yachts) course can also be taken as a live online course, please see further details below.

Training towards:

Live Online Learning course available

Our Navigation, Radar and ARPA Simulator (Master Yachts) course is also available as a LIVE online learning course delivered by UKSA’s dedicated instructors. We’ve liaised with the MCA in order to offer a variety of LIVE online courses to enable our students to progress in their maritime training. This technical innovation gives you the advantage of being able to study LIVE with our professional instructors in real-time in the safety of your home or vessel; without the need to travel*. Real-time learning sessions can be completed using a WiFi enabled laptop or home PC* and are held over the voice and video platform, Zoom and Wartsila which provides remote cloud based simulation training.

The Navigation, Radar and ARPA Simulator (Master Yachts) live online course will be run over 10 days (Monday to Friday). This will be delivered via Zoom with the simulator elements being delivered via Wartsila which provides remote cloud based simulation training between UKSA and the student using the Transas navigation system***.

Your live online lectures will be recorded and available for you to review after class and you will also be provided with additional resources not usually available to students, such as your PowerPoint slides.

*You will still be required to sit an IAMI examination, this can be sat at UKSA on the second Friday of the course. If you would like to sit the exam at UKSA there is an additional exam fee of £150.00. Alternatively the IAMI exam can also be taken at any IAMI exam centre.

**Please note a stable internet connection with upload and download speeds of now less than 2.5Mbs is required and tablets/iPads are note suitable for this live online course. Please follow the links below for system requirements to run Zoom on a laptop or PC.

*** To use the Wartsila cloud based simulator you will need to test the suitability of your internet, software and hardware prior to booking your course. Please follow the link below for information on how to test your connectivity.


You are expected to be a competent and practiced navigator to the standard of OOW (yachts).


Assessment is in two parts; a practical in-course assessment and a written examination.

Candidates must pass the in-course assessment in order to be eligible to take the written examination. The in-course assessment will include the preparation of a passage plan and the successful completion of simulated exercises, including radar/ARPA operation. The 2.5 hour written examination will test underpinning knowledge.

A 60% mark is required to pass the examination.

What’s included?

  • Duration – 2 weeks (Monday – Friday)
  • Inclusive of all food & accommodation
  • Inclusive of lunch

Dates and pricing

Course From To Non-res All-inc
Navigation, Radar and ARPA Simulator (Master Yachts) 15/02/2021 26/02/2021 £2,440 £2,660
Navigation, Radar and ARPA Simulator (Master Yachts) 28/06/2021 09/07/2021 £2,500 £2,830
Navigation, Radar and ARPA Simulator (Master Yachts) 15/11/2021 26/11/2021 £2,500 £2,830

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