Stability (Master Yachts)

Stability (Master Yachts)

Develop your understanding, expand your knowledge. This management level course will allow you to develop a thorough understanding of the principles of ship stability, on a practical level.

About the course

This course will introduce you to the basic principles of hydrostatics, hull form, and static and initial stability.

You’ll also develop your understanding of the interpretation of curves or statical stability, ships’ stability data, and calculations involving loading and shifting weights, dry docking, longitudinal stability and basic calculation.

At the end of the module, you’ll take a 2.5-hour examination with a required pass mark of 60%.

The Stability (Master Yachts) course is a component of the MCA Master certification.


5 days

What’s included?

This all-inclusive course can be delivered on a residential or non-residential basis. If you opt for the residential course, the cost includes your accommodation and all food. The non-residential option includes lunch each day.

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Examination and assessment:

Assessment is by written 2.5-hour examination at the end of the module. The required pass mark is 60%.

Useful information:
  1. Your pass certificate is valid for three years.
  2. You do not need a Notice of Eligibility (NoE) to attend this course. However, you will need an NoE for your MCA oral examination.  Allow at least six weeks (or more) for the NoE to be processed by the MCA.


You don’t require any prior experience to complete this course.


The course will consist of four sections and 13 topics:
  • Section 1: Basic Principles
  • Section 2: List and Related Problems
  • Section 3: Curves of Statical Stability
  • Section 4: Loll, Dry Docking and Longitudinal Stability

For more information on the breakdown of each section, please click here.

Dates and pricing

Course From To Non-res All-inc
Stability (Master Yachts) 09/11/2020 13/11/2020 £1,095 £1,175
Stability (Master Yachts) 25/01/2021 29/01/2021 Full Full
Stability (Master Yachts) 07/06/2021 11/06/2021 £1,095 £1,175
Stability (Master Yachts) 08/11/2021 12/11/2021 £1,095 £1,175
Stability (Master Yachts) 24/01/2022 28/01/2022 £1,095 £1,175

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