Security training

Developing security awareness within the maritime industry

Our MCA approved security training courses provide essential skills and knowledge for seafarers working across the globe.

Safety and security at sea

A Somali pirate with a gun onboard a boat

Threats to seafarers

Security training is a critical aspect of working in the maritime industry. Due to ships passing through designated high-risk areas, the threat of attack from pirates and terrorists is an ever-growing concern for seafarers and the global maritime companies they work for.

We believe that taking a proactive approach to security training and ensuring seafarers are prepared for potential security breaches is essential.

A student learning about security in a classroom with an instructor

Security training at UKSA

Our courses cover the theory and practice of security training at sea and are led by our highly experienced team of instructors. The courses have been specifically designed for crew who may encounter a security breach or safety issue as they navigate adverse and potentially hostile conditions.

Our courses are available with all tuition, food and accommodation included or simply with tuition and lunch, giving you flexibility to suit your needs.