Further Education graduate stories

What our further education students are doing now

Our graduates share their experiences, before, during and after their career courses.

Perry Anderson

Perry Anderson

Perry admits he didn’t like being at school and was on the verge of being excluded. After hearing about UKSA, he thought it would be worth a visit, despite having never sailed or tried watersports before. Perry is now a watersports instructor and has a bright future ahead of him.

  • Before the course: Just finished GCSE’s
  • After the course: Working at Mark Warner
My advice

“If you’re thinking about signing up to a course at UKSA, do it! Even if you’re not thinking about it, do it! I wasn’t thinking about coming to UKSA to do this, but I came here with an open mind and now I’ve got direction in my life.”

A young male holding a paddle

Dominic Bozianu

Dom came to UKSA direct from GCSEs. School wasn’t going well, grades were suffering, and his mum feared he would drop out. After a visit to UKSA, Dom started his BTEC in Sport & Physical Activities Level 3 driven by the idea of travelling the world and working with a tight-knit team, crewing.

  • Before the course: Just finished GCSE’s
  • After the course: UKSA Watersports Instructor
My advice

“Don’t give up! Keep pushing through the boring stuff to get what you need to start you off and keep looking until eventually you find something that you enjoy. That’s what I did with a little help from my family and the tutors here who coached me.”

A young female sailor at the helm of a yacht

Rachel Brazier

Former further education student with a passion for the outdoors, Rachel Brazier uses her BTEC studies to qualify and work as a watersports instructor and is about to sign up for UKSA’s Professional Yachtmaster Offshore.

  • Before the course: Work placement at UKSA from college
  • After the course: Professional Yachtmaster
My advice

“My advice to others coming here to do the further education courses, is to join in and don’t sit in your room on your own. Use this great opportunity and make the most of being here and use the kit as once you are trained, you can go out on the water in your free time with other students and instructors.”