Be a superyacht Captain

So you want to become a superyacht captain?

The Captain of any yacht has one primary duty; the safe manning and operation of the yacht. This includes taking full responsibility for the crew, tenders, toy and all the guests onboard.

Job Role of a Superyacht Captain

As a rule, the smaller the yacht, the more hands-on the Captain must be. The larger the yacht, the more administrative duties the Captain will hold. A superyacht Captain specialises in commanding and managing luxury yachts over 24 metres in length.

Every crew member falls under the ultimate command of the Captain and will answer to him/her.

What does a Superyacht Captain do?

As a superyacht Captain, you’ll be at the top of your game, responsible not only for the yacht itself, but also for its crew, itinerary and navigating safe passages across the oceans. You’ll be in control of budgeting, administration, refit projects, yard visits, personnel, health and safety, to name but a few.

Personality traits

What personal traits are beneficial for this role?

You will need great communication skills to deal with owners, contractors, crew and guests alike. You will be dedicated to a career at sea and will already have established yourself in the industry having worked your way up the deck officer ladder building a reputation as a first-class professional along the way.

As a Captain, you must be highly skilled at dealing with people, both crew and the owner/guests. Personnel management skills are critical within this role.

Skills required to be a Superyacht Captain

What skills or experience are required?

Captains must have considerable maritime experience and training.  A Captain of a superyacht has to have excellent seafaring knowledge, a good grasp of accounting, IT and administration and also deal with authorities on matters such as paperwork and health and safety.

Previous experience of yacht handling is essential and handling a yacht of the same or similar sizes a distinct advantage.

Benefits of being a Superyacht Captain

Your role really will be all-encompassing and you’ll answer to the yacht’s owner about all the decisions you make. A career as a superyacht Captain is demanding but rewarding. You’ll enjoy worldwide travel and earn a fantastic salary of anything from €4,000 per month with no cap on salary!

How to start your pathway to become captain?

More than just a love of the sea and a captain’s hat are needed to start a career as a superyacht captain. This is a career path that requires commitment, training, and practical experience. Enrolling in classes that offer the required maritime qualifications is the initial step. Take the Superyacht Cadetship Course as your first step into this fascinating industry. This extensive programme gets you ready for the rigours of the open sea by fusing classroom instruction with real-world sea experience. It is essential to network within the industry, and UKSA offers a helpful community that helps you take advantage of opportunities and pick the brains of industry experts. And never forget that your love of the sea serves as your compass; follow it to become a captain.

Career prospects

Be inspired!  Graduates return to UKSA to hire crew and further their training

“We trust in UKSA because we did our training there and can vouch for its quality. Because the courses are all-inclusive they run back-to-back which really helps with fitting around our schedules. It is the best place from which to hire successful crew because the career courses are similar to a university degree. UKSA students devote time to their training and so are looking to stay with a boat for at least two seasons. This is valuable to us as we take time to invest in our crew and training – with UKSA we also know what to expect.” Officer Daniel Lambert 

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  • Dan Snook – Planning to come back to UKSA for his Master 3000gt modules


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