Superyacht Cadetship Graduate Stories

Set sail for a fantastic career

Thinking about an alternative to university? Maybe becoming a captain of a superyacht is your ultimate dream? We have so many aspirational stories to tempt you towards signing up to this fantastic career.

Harrison Hall – Phase 1

At 18 years old Harrison has always been keen to keep himself busy, and wanted to find a career that allowed him to spend as much time on the water as possible. Whilst working at a bar in Christchurch Harrison met a previous cadet who told him all about the course and he really want to get involved.

  • Before the course: Bartender
  • After the course: Deckhand on 80m motoryacht in Cyprus
My advice

“Get involved in everything! Embrace the extra qualifications and take advantage of any meetings and advice. Study hard but also don’t forget to enjoy the course and have a good time with your friends as you only do the Cadetship once. My first phase has flown by and I would happily do it all over again.”

Nina Cann – Phase 3

After finishing her A-levels in the summer of 2021, 19-year-old Nina from Faversham in Kent, was unsure whether she wanted to continue on to higher education. She didn’t want the debt associated with university and wasn’t sure what she wanted to study.

  • Before the course: Studying for her A Levels
  • After the course: Deckhand on 90m yacht in the Mediterranean
My advice

“Enjoy the moment! Yachting is a fast paced and intense lifestyle, sometimes you forget to slow down and appreciate what you have.”

Lewis Coppinger – Phase 5

Before coming to UKSA, Lewis was finishing his A’ levels and trying to figure out what to do at university. After conducting some research online, it became clear to him that UKSA was the only institution offering a Superyacht Cadetship training programme. Following his cadetship, he is now in the process of progressing his career by completing his MCA Chief Mate Modules. He plans to obtain his Chief Mate’s certificate, continue working as an officer in the industry, and gaining the necessary sea time to sit for his Masters certificate.

  • Before the course: Finishing A Levels
  • After the course: Second Officer cruising the Caribbean
My advice

“Embrace UKSA’s well-structured and organised approach. It feels more like going to university than your typical sailing centre.”