Watersports graduate stories

Shared experiences after graduating from UKSA

Our graduates share their experiences, before, during and after their career courses.

Lillie Killick

Lillie joined UKSA’s Further Education course in 2015 for two action-packed years of training. Once she graduated to gain some more experience Lillie stayed on at UKSA to work as an Instructor for her first summer season in the industry.

  • Before the course: UKSA Further Education Student
  • After the course: Waterfront Manager with Mark Warner Holidays
My advice

“Take the leap and try something different, even if you have no previous experience in watersports. I hadn’t considered it before UKSA and now I run a waterfront.”

Liam Fussey

What drew Liam to train as a Watersports Instructor at UKSA was that it wasn’t just taking a first step but involved all the steps needed to jump straight into the industry.

  • Before the course: Working in Primark
  • After the course: Deckhand/Mate on Yacht Satori in the Oyster Round the World Race
My advice

“This is the place to be to prepare for the maritime industry whether it is yachting or watersports. The skills, knowledge and network that becomes available to you is second to none”