Training facilities & classrooms

Developing our facilities

We’re constantly upgrading our campus, fleet and facilities to ensure that our students have the very best learning experience. As part of this commitment, we have completed a programme to support yachting excellence by investing in our yacht fleet and a bespoke maritime training centre.

Dedicated classrooms

Sea Survival & PST

Our PST (Personal Survival techniques) room is a specific room where we teach you everything there is to know about surviving at sea and the vast range of equipment associated with sea safety. You’ll learn about life rafts, life jackets, visual and audio safety equipment and more. You’ll spend most of your time in this classroom as well as the swimming pool for the practical elements of sea survival.

Engineering Workshop

Our engineering workshop is the heart of everything nuts and bolts. This is a specific workshop where students get to learn everything about engines and auxiliary onboard boats. This includes water systems, electrics, generators, and other vast arrays of equipment.

Inside shot of the Superyacht Galley

Superyacht Galley

We know that working in the interior of a yacht is a very different experience to land based hospitality. We always want to provide our students with the very best learning experience. Therefore we have created a unique superyacht galley with fixtures and fittings mirroring those you would find on board a boat. With laundry areas, a fully fitted kitchen with a wine fridge and space for flower arranging, our students can hone their skills in the perfect environment.


Yacht Repair & Rope Workshop

Our yacht construction and finishing workshop is designed for practicality in mind. Here you will be taught various types of deck work, varnishing, fibreglass repairs, sail repairs, wire splicing, rope work and much more.

Simulation Suites

We have two simulator suites with 10 independent work stations running the latest version of the TRANSAS simulation software. We have simulations for a variety of locations around the world ranging from Sydney Harbour to New York to the Norwegian Fjords. This is to ensure that as a learning experience our instructors provide all of our students with experiences to cater for very different navigational challenges.

We have also installed an assortment of different vessels from work boats to superyachts and even cruise ships. We can run the simulator bridges as a fully integrated electronic bridge or by traditional paper navigation means.

Radio & Navigation Rooms

Here at UKSA we have specific rooms for specific courses. We have two classrooms dedicated to both radio & communications and celestial navigation. Our radio room will teach you everything from short range radio all the way up to the 9 day long range GOC course. Our navigation room is specifically designed for our day skipper theory, yachtmaster theory and ocean theory students.

Modern Classrooms

Our dedicated training centre offers a bespoke learning environment that provides a unique maritime training experience with modern classrooms and up-to-date technology including conferencing abilities and live interactive learning.