Course advisors

Meet our course advisory team

Welcome to UKSA’s course advisory team, made up of a diverse bunch of people with a common love of all things maritime!

Claire Scholes

Senior Course Advisor

After a successful career as a watersports instructor Claire knew she wanted to work behind the scenes helping aspiring instructors take their first steps and decided that UKSA was the perfect place to do that! Claire’s amazing customer service skills means that she dedicates her time to advising students from 16+ to pursue a career within the watersports and maritime industry. She’s also still able to work out on the water with her qualifications.

“Having worked in the industry for six years, working my way up from kayak and dinghy instructor to centre senior supporting the management team, I have lived and breathed the instructor life and can share everything you need to know about the industry!”

Poppy Lee

Poppy Lee

Careers Course Advisor

Poppy has a natural affinity for the sea. When she is not at UKSA she can be found in the ocean on some form of watercraft! With a background in sales, she finds it highly rewarding to guide prospective students into a career they are passionate about.

“What I love about UKSA is the ethos to make maritime training accessible to everyone and how it broadens the horizons of young people. From our Dinghy Minis to our Sea.Change Foundation programmes; students from all ages and backgrounds enjoy our courses and benefit from the progressive pathways we make available for them.”



I continue to be inspired by our students, some of whom have come from challenging backgrounds, and we have seen them turn their lives around and leave UKSA with new work and life skills that will set them up for a long-term career in the maritime industry.

It is a good reminder for us all that with the right encouragement and training, anyone can begin a new chapter and look ahead to a rewarding, long-term career.

Ben Willows -UKSA Chief Executive

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