Careers and Industry Guidance team

Meet our industry guidance team

Guidance and mentoring by a team who have years of experience and a large network of industry contacts.

Industry Guidance Officer Colette Wood

Colette Wood

Senior Industry Guidance Advisor

Having trained with UKSA in 2012, Colette joined the team after five years in the superyacht industry. She worked on both motor and sailing yachts as a Sole Stewardess and learned as much as she could, both interior and on-deck. Most of her career was spent on large sailing yachts.

“I left the superyacht industry to spend more time at home. I now enjoy a career where I help others find work within the yachting and watersports industries.”

Kim Fuller

Careers and Industry Recruitment Lead

Since graduating from university, Kim has spent the last three years in cruise and marine engineering recruitment. Her experience has enabled her to build long-term relationships and provide guidance to professionals seeking careers in the maritime industry.

“It is exciting to guide talented individuals towards their dream career. I look forward to expanding UKSA’s network of industry contacts and providing job opportunities for our students.”

Welfare Officer Kim Fry

Kim Fry

Student Welfare Officer

Kim has worked with children, young people, families and adults. She joined UKSA after employment as a social worker with Isle of Wight Council.

“I really enjoy enabling people to fulfil their potential. As UKSA’s Student Welfare Officer I work in an individual, supportive and solution-focused way.”



I continue to be inspired by our students, some of whom have come from challenging backgrounds, and we have seen them turn their lives around and leave UKSA with new work and life skills that will set them up for a long-term career in the maritime industry.

It is a good reminder for us all that with the right encouragement and training, anyone can begin a new chapter and look ahead to a rewarding, long-term career.

Ben Willows – UKSA Chief Executive

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