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Annabel Fairlie

Trinity House funded Superyacht Cadet

A passion for yachting and travel drew me to sign up to the Cadetship

Annabel’s love of travelling started after her A-Levels when she headed off across the globe. Now she shares with us her story of how she has managed to combine her love of travelling with a career in yachting.

“Before heading to UKSA I had finished my A-Levels and was travelling around Australia. In 2014, I joined the Cadetship with funding from Trinity House and completed my Yachtmaster Offshore, alongside other qualifications, and eagerly headed to Antibes to try and find a job. Arriving with a suitcase full of summer clothes expecting to start the endless summer, I was very soon offered a job on MY Queen of Sheba based in Sweden and was then doing wash downs in my oilies! However, I wouldn’t have it any other way! I had an amazing crew and a really great unforgettable summer in Sweden.

People I met on the course are still my closest friends

I was lucky that I had a great group of people on my courses who are still friends that I meet up within the industry (if we are lucky enough to be in the same places!). We all started together and can see how we have grown and shared the experiences we have now.

UKSA is the perfect place to network while training

The most important lesson I learnt during my time at UKSA is how important it is to constantly meet new people who are in the industry. Being at UKSA, yachting professionals are so easy to come by as they are also there to further their careers. Listening and asking for advice from the people who are currently in the industry provided me with a lot of insight into what was in store for me.

“Being at UKSA, yachting professionals are so easy to come by as they are also there to further their careers.”

A highlight of my career was a visit to the Andaman Islands

Having worked on several boats and visited many different countries the highlight of my career to date is getting the opportunity to visit the Andaman Islands. I was really lucky to be aboard a yacht that cruised there and have never seen such deserted picturesque beaches and crystal-clear water.

After Phase 1 of the Cadetship, I returned to UKSA to complete my Yachtmaster Ocean (Sail) Commercially endorsed and then worked on a 52-metre superyacht and I’m now working on board a 52-metre superyacht. We are preparing to cross to the United States at the moment – it will be my first time visiting and I am so lucky to again be experiencing it with such an amazing crew.

My advice to anyone is if you’re passionate about what you are doing never give up because the opportunities and skills you get from working at sea are priceless.”

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