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Beatrice Perks

The experiences you have and the people you meet are incredible.

With the superyacht industry experiencing year-on-year growth, there is an increasing need for highly trained interior hospitality crew. UKSA’s Superyacht Stewardess and Steward Training course provides stewards and stewardesses with the necessary qualifications, practical skills, industry guidance, knowledge and support required to embark on a career in the luxury industry.

Beatrice, a former Executive Officer at the Department of Work and Pensions and Bar Supervisor in Bristol, discovered UKSA through internet research. The positive reviews from previous attendees and future employers influenced her decision to enroll in the academy, and the Isle of Wight location with its beautiful scenery and safe on-site residential environment was an added attraction.

“Life at UKSA was full on and never a dull moment. The experiences you have and the people you meet are incredible, a lot of great memories and friends are made. The instructors were friendly, fun, informed and supportive when needed.”

While working in an office following university, Beatrice had the desire to further her hospitality experience and explore the world while being financially self-sufficient. She opted for a career change and embarked on her adventure at UKSA.

UKSA’s waterside campus is a short stroll away from restaurants and bars providing great nights out, and the Isle of Wight offers some beautiful scenic walks that she enjoyed in her free time away from the course. The onsite bar was also a convenient and fun way to socialise and meet new people from other courses.

“The friends you make and the experiences you have at UKSA are amazing. You are in a supportive environment where you get to meet many interesting and diverse people, who are also like-minded.”

Now working on board an 80M Motor Yacht based in Monaco, Bea shares a typical day on board with us.

“We work on shift patterns, so my typical day would start at 7am I clean and restock the crew areas whilst waiting for the guests to wake up so we can get in and clean the rooms FAST. It’s important the guests don’t see you doing this, as everything has to be perfect and as if they never touched the room.”

“Throughout the day, we serve the guests food and drinks and clean the areas every time they use it. My biggest record was cleaning a bathroom 10 times in one day!

We need to ensure the boat is always fully stocked, fold towels, deal with guest requests such as ironing and general queries. The crew eats three times a day so we also help with carrying the food to the crew mess and cleaning up afterwards.”

So a busy day on board, and then it’s the evening shift.

“We take a two hour break and then the evening shift begins, finishing at around 9pm.  After this we have our rest, sleep and get to make the most of the location we are in. We stroll around the port and get an ice cream and have a look around the shops, if we are on anchor we get some fresh air and much needed sleep.”

We asked Bea what is the best thing about working on a superyacht? 

“The best thing is being able to travel and live in different countries without working visas. Due to working on the water you are stamped out of the country which gives you the freedom to live there. This is a huge advantage of the industry as you can travel and work at the same time. The locations that you can work in are endless.”

And your long term aspiration career wise?

“I would like to continue to work as a stewardess and chief stew for a few more years and work my way up to purser. Following this work experience, I’d like to become a yacht broker. Yachting has lots of different employment opportunities both on land on the sea.”

Bea has the following advice for anyone thinking about embarking on a career as a steward/ess

“It is important to be hands on with your approach to getting work, it is a hard industry to break into, so be proactive with your search, get yourself out to the South of France and sign up to as many agencies as possible. Also be aware that this industry is tough and can be very mentally and physically challenging. But if you got there in the first place, you can do it!

Every boat is different so it is important to find the right one for you, the living and social environments can be tough. There are lots of like-minded individuals in the industry, just find the ones that suit you!”

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