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Beth Berry

“The experience you get and the memories you make are like nothing else, and you learn so much in such a short space of time”

27-year-old Beth Berry found out about UKSA’s Superyacht Steward/ess training course while working as a Careers Course Advisor within the organisation.

While a maritime career was always a goal of Beth’s, it didn’t always seem so attainable. “Working in the superyacht industry is something that I have been interested in from a young age. Growing up on the Isle of Wight and going out on my Dad’s boat in the summer gave me a taste of the sea, and our annual trip to the Southampton Boat show sparked my interest in the superyacht industry as a career path. Working at UKSA has led me to where I feel I am meant to be. I have the confidence and knowledge to finally pluck up the courage and enrol on the course to start my new adventure, realising life in the industry is more achievable than I thought.”

Beth is no stranger to UKSA or its courses, but taking part in one was a whole new experience. “I found learning all of the different aspects of service very interesting and being taught by such experienced tutors made the training really enjoyable- I received so many industry tips and tricks!

I really enjoyed the opportunities to get hands on, especially with the flower arranging and learning how to make different types of cocktails- there are so many subtle differences and practice really does make perfect! Learning how to properly pack and unpack a guest’s suitcase was also really eye opening, it makes you realise the level of service that is expected on board and practicing that allowed me to learn from my own mistakes.”

Beth was amongst the first group of Superyacht Steward & Stewardess Training students to take part in the enhanced course, working with the British Butler Institute. “The training I did with Gary and Sean from the British Butler Institute was so informative, I felt like I learnt so much in such a short space of time. The personal stories and experiences they shared with us were amazing and really gave me an insight into the industry. They also taught us what they call ‘gold’ tips for being the best stew onboard a Superyacht. You really feel like you are being trained by the best in the business with them. “

Having graduated with plenty of time to find a job before the Mediterranean season begins, Beth is looking to the future. “My dream is to become a Chief Stewardess onboard a superyacht, for a minimum of five years. Looking further ahead, I would also love the opportunity to work for UKSA again but as a tutor, sharing the knowledge and experience from my time in the industry with future students.”

When asked if she had any advice for anyone considering enrolling on UKSA’s Superyacht Steward & Stewardess training, Beth said: “Just take the plunge because you won’t regret it! The experience you get and the memories you make are like nothing else, and you learn so much in such a short space of time. The idea of working in a luxury setting, travelling the world and meeting new people from a variety of cultures seems so much more worthwhile to me than the traditional route of university and going into an office job. You can really make a great life for yourself, earn amazing money and gather skills that can be taken with you into so many different positions in the future.”

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