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Finlay Scull

The Superyacht Cadetship programme has given Finlay the opportunity to live his dream of sailing around the globe and working in his dream job.

Finlay Scull, a former A-Level student in Maths, Physics, and Product Design, found himself ready to leave typical classroom education after finishing his studies at his local sixth form. He was looking for a way to combine his love of sailing with a career, and that’s when he heard about the Superyacht Cadetship programme at UKSA.

Finlay was introduced to the programme by someone he used to go sailing with at local regattas, who had already completed the course. Intrigued by the program, He researched extensively to find out more about what it entailed. This course introduced him to career opportunities in the sailing industry that he had never heard of before. With the opportunity to combine his hobby and career into one, he decided to take the programme instead of attending university.

Thanks to his interview with Trinity House, Finlay received funding to complete the course and support him throughout training. Trinity House provided frequent in-person communication with Finlay to ensure he was in a strong position to complete all of his qualifications and secure a position in the industry.

Before joining the Superyacht Cadetship in 2021, Finlay had about ten years’ of sailing experience, mainly in dinghies, and a few weeks of experience sailing on yachts. He also had his dinghy instructor qualification and was instructing at his local sailing club before coming to UKSA. However, he did not have any qualifications for sailing on yachts.

Studying at UKSA was a unique experience for Finlay. Every day was different, with firefighting training one day, sailing overnight passages along the south coast of the UK the next, and learning all the theory required before sitting the exams that take place throughout the course. His best memory at UKSA was when he and his crew passed their Yachtmaster exams after five months of hard work and determination, making all the studying worthwhile.

Since completing the programme, Finlay has been working onboard a 55m sailing yacht for over a year, sailing around the world and visiting some of the most exclusive locations you can only reach by boat. He has covered over 20,000 Nautical Miles and spent over 160 days at sea, and has sailed halfway around the world from the UK down to New Zealand, currently moving around the southern pacific.

Finlay has returned to UKSA twice since completing the first phase of the cadetship to complete modules towards his OOW 3000gt ticket. He has completed the Efficient Deckhand, Human Element Leadership and Management (operational), Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats, and ECDIS modules. With only three more modules left to complete before he can sit his oral exam, Finlay is getting closer to achieving his OOW Certificate of Competence.

As a UKSA graduate, Finlay found it easier to find a job in the industry. When he completed the programme, he came away with several qualifications that helped him stand out from the rest of the crowd. The team at UKSA also helped him throughout his job search, providing CV advice, setting up interviews, and giving references to agencies and potential employers.

Finlay found the course to be a great alternative to university as he prefers hands-on learning and learning from his own mistakes while taking advice from others around him. The course is full-on and busy, preparing him for the industry he was looking to join. Having food cooked for him and on-site accommodation gave him more time to learn and socialise.

The Superyacht Cadetship programme has given Finlay the opportunity to live his dream of sailing around the globe and working in his dream job.

From deckhand to officer

The UKSA Superyacht Cadetship is a structured four-year programme designed to train the future officers of the superyacht industry.

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