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Professional Yachtmaster Offshore graduate Lungi Mchunu

We asked Lungi about how she discovered UKSA and the impact it’s had on her life.

Before enrolling on our Professional Yachtmaster Offshore course Lungi Mchunu was a banker, looking for ways to pursue her love of sailing while earning a living.

I heard about UKSA …

“… when I read Dee Caffari’s biography. The stars were on my side; the course dates suited me and I was ready to begin training. My registration and visa were sorted out in less than two weeks.”

Did you receive any funding?

“No, I paid for the course from my savings. It’s the best investment in myself that I ever made.”

I will be eternally grateful …

“… for the support and kindness that UKSA showed me during the lowest point in my life. My mum had a stroke during my training and UKSA welfare, careers, admin, housekeeping and kitchen staff kept an eye on me and made sure I was ok.”

My best memory of training at UKSA …

“… is from self-skipper week. We had the worst weather and some accidents but each time we coped with the situation as skippers should. That week proved to me how much we had learned as a team and that we were well on our way to becoming great leaders.”

“The course is really intense with very little breathing room, but the UKSA instructors, crew and staff are fantastic.”

What will you be doing now you’ve finished the course?

“My idea is to sail during the summer and do things for the community in the winter. This has already started with last week’s Peace and Sport International Forum Monaco. I’ve signed speaking contracts which I hope will inspire others to follow their dreams; I’m also writing a book about my three-year journey in sailing.

Lungi’s advice

“Know your goal and revisit it each week. Start studying from day one to ensure that you’re comfortable with how well you know the course content before the next phase. It is most important for your mental health to always take ‘me time’ to regroup and reflect.”

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