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Brooke Garwood

Superyacht Hospitality Training

Training for a career as a superyacht stewardess, travelling the world while getting paid!

Drama/Theatre Studies Uni student, Brooke Garwood, is dreaming about travelling the world on a superyacht while getting paid! Dreams will become reality post-University as she has just completed the UKSA Superyacht Hospitality Training course in her summer break.

Brooke, whose work ethic, is ‘go all in or go home’ wants to aim high to become a superyacht chief stewardess or stew as they call it amongst crew.  Read Brooke’s story and fuel your imagination.

“The eureka moment to decide to plan for a career in the superyacht industry was only in January this year! I caught up with a friend who had just done the course and was convinced. I grew up by the sea and have always wanted to work on it and I just love the idea of travelling to beautiful places.

Improving my maritime CV

With two more years of Uni left, I’m busily upskilling to add useful extra qualifications to my maritime CV.  After the course at UKSA, I signed up for a beautician course and I’m thinking about a cocktail course then learning yoga instruction. You name it, I’m doing it, so I can maximise my chances of working in the superyacht industry next summer for three months and then apply for jobs for when I graduate. I can’t wait for Summer 2020!

“My key reason for choosing UKSA over others, was because of the outstanding industry guidance support.”

Why I chose UKSA – you really feel supported

UKSA live up to their promise and really do help during and after you do the course. They really want you to do well and are incredibly supportive. My key reason for choosing UKSA over others, was because of the outstanding industry guidance support. They really tailor advice to you as an individual and crew agents come in and talk about building your future career in the industry. I have signed up with a crew agency already so I can check for superyacht jobs in the future and start planning, which is what I like to do.

Amazing instructors with experience in the superyacht industry

The course taught me how to present myself professionally in a work situation as well as socially as both are important in the industry. What I really enjoyed was the interaction with the instructors who are just incredible in teaching you what’s needed. They are so helpful and gave me so much confidence for going into the industry. Also what’s lovely is after graduation they are there to help so I know I am not entering the industry alone.”

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