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Molly Shirley

“Life at UKSA was an enjoyable and memorable experience”

At 18 years old Molly Shirley was finishing college and working in hospitality, it was at this point that she began to research getting into the superyacht industry.

“UKSA and a few other companies came up, but the UKSA course appealed to me most. You gained the most qualifications and for the best value.”

Molly’s training at UKSA was in 2021, but despite some restrictions in place during the pandemic she still had a brilliant time on the course. “Life at UKSA was an enjoyable and memorable experience. I built great relationships with everyone on the course and had a good time learning with the instructors. I really enjoyed my time there.”

When considering what her favourite parts of the course were, Molly explained that the Powerboat Level 2, wine tasting and silver service practice were particular highlights for her.

In the three years since completing her training at UKSA Molly has travelled far and wide, seeing so many beautiful places during her role as a stewardess.

“A typical day on deck varies as we rotate around services. Off charter work starts at 8am with daily duties. This can include anything from crew laundry and restocking the crew mess, to cleaning the bridge, passageways and interior. During the season the priority is looking after the guests, serving them meals and drinks and keeping them entertained during the day.”

Considering her future, Molly is keen to progress through the industry and hopes to be Chief Stew one day.

“If you’re considering the course, you learn so much – take everything in! You will have the best time, and when you do start work the skills you learn are so transferrable.”

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