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Perry Anderson

Further Education – Watersports Instructor Traineeship

Perry a watersports instructor has a bright future ahead of him

Perry admits he didn’t like being at school and was on the verge of being excluded. After hearing about UKSA, he thought it would be worth a visit, despite having never sailed or tried watersports before.

Before I came to UKSA, I was in school studying. Well, I wasn’t really studying… if I’m brutally honest I was being really naughty. I didn’t like being at school and ended up being moved about a lot. I was one detention away from being kicked out. I felt like the teachers didn’t want me there, so I didn’t want to be there and I just messed around. I had a lot of energy and I still do… I’m described as being very energetic. So, I put all my energy into misbehaving.

A BTEC in sports made me realise I liked teaching

I did a Sports BTEC and that made me realise that I like teaching children, so I tried to find something that was related. I found out about the UKSA Watersports Instructor Traineeship (WIT) and went for an interview. Before UKSA I had never sailed or been on the water really. I thought coming to UKSA would be cool and an adventure.

“UKSA changes people. It changed me. It can change you and show you what you can do with your life.”

I am a natural leader

UKSA identified a natural leadership ability in me, so I tried the WIT course and it’s where I realised I love this and it’s awesome! When I got on the windsurf board, I was like, ‘Yes! This is it!’. I am now a watersports instructor at UKSA. I love seeing children progress from being too scared to even put a toe in the water to jumping in the water and loving it!

UKSA changes people – it changed me!

UKSA changes people. It changed me. It can change you and show you what you can do with your life. Before UKSA I didn’t know what I was going to do – I thought I was going to do nothing with my life. As soon as I found UKSA, I was like, ‘This is what I want to do with my life!’. I’m now determined to aim higher and higher and do better things! I plan to gain more qualifications at UKSA, then work abroad for a few years, see the world and then work my way up to being a CEO. I’ve got big aims now!

If you’re thinking about signing up to a course at UKSA, do it! Even if you’re not thinking about it, do it! I wasn’t thinking about coming to UKSA to do this, but I came here with an open mind and now I’ve got direction in my life.

It has changed my whole mindset; I’m a lot happier and positive now. My mum is unbelievably happy and proud too and that’s made me really happy as before it never really happened. It’s really changed me being at UKSA.”

For more information about UKSA’s Further Education courses, including the Watersports Instructor Traineeship, please visit: or call (01983) 203038

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