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Rachel Mallender

Being at UKSA made me realise that you can achieve whatever you want

As the superyacht industry continues to expand year on year, so does the demand for exceptionally well-trained interior crew. UKSA’s Superyacht Hospitality Foundation course delivers all the qualifications, practical skills, industry guidance, knowledge and support required by stewards and stewardesses at the beginning of their careers in this luxury industry.

What were you doing before you came to UKSA?

Before I came to UKSA I was working for a courier company as an administrator and in the evenings I was working in a hotel and bar.

How did you hear about UKSA and what made you do the Hospitality course with us?

I have friends in the Yachting Industry that inspired me to get my qualifications and when I researched where to train, UKSA kept coming up and was recommended highly as the best place to equip people with maritime knowledge and skills.

What was life like at UKSA?

I made some amazing memories while at UKSA, meeting like minded people from all over the world. Everyday was fun and completely different from the last, learning so many new things from fabulous and experienced instructors who really care about the career progression of every student.

Describe your 3 highlights of UKSA

My favourite has to be powerboating. We had such a fun time with a fab instructor and laughed so much. Making cocktails and platters was a great day, everyone had fab ideas and we got to try one another’s creations at the end. And last but not least, our fire fighting training day was brilliant, challenging and exciting with an amazing and brave team to teach us everything we needed to know. We all highly respect each and every one of them!

Now that you’ve finished your course and working in the industry, describe a typical day

I am keen to gain some experience within the industry and see where it takes me. I hope to be enjoying the journey for as long as possible.

Do you have any long-term career plans? If so, what are they?

My long term career plan is to stay in the industry as I work my way up, it’s not often you can say you are working your dream job.

What advice would you offer someone considering our Hospitality course?

I would say go for it! Being at UKSA made me realise that you can achieve whatever you want to if you just pursue it. They equip you with everything you need to go into the industry confidently and care about your journey the whole way through. If you’re looking for an alternative to University or haven’t found something you want to do yet, a life on the water is an opportunity to have a unique adventure and make lasting memories.

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