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Matt Flint

Superyacht Cadetship / Chief Mate

Read more about the experiences of UKSA Cadetship graduate Matt Flint.

Matt began training at UKSA in 2009 and now a qualified Officer of the Watch. Matt has been working on superyachts and travelling across the globe thanks to his career in the maritime industry. Matt has just returned to complete his Chief Mate course as part of our MCA Deck Officer Training Courses.

Matt tells us more about his time at UKSA and the impact it has had on his career:

What made you choose UKSA as a course provider?

“I signed up for the courses at UKSA because of the structure of the programme and the end result. I was interested in the carefully organised instruction all the way through the course. I was Second Officer on my last placement and we employed three UKSA cadets on board.”

What were you doing before you joined UKSA and have you always had an interest in being on the water?

 “I was working in a nightclub before my first UKSA course, but I’ve been dinghy sailing since I was a baby as my uncle got me into sailing.”

What have been your best experiences thanks to your new career?

“I have loved travelling and seeing places. The best experiences have been travelling and going to remote places. I’ve been to the Andaman Islands, Thailand and Malaysia. My favourite place I’ve visited has to be the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean.”

Having been through the training programme yourself, you are now employing UKSA cadets. Why are they your first choice?

“I was Second Officer on my last placement and we employed three UKSA cadets on board. We chose UKSA Cadets in order to give them the vital stepping-stone in their career path that I found so helpful. They’re all keen and the good thing is they come with their Professional Yachtmaster and other qualifications thanks to the structured learning programme. I would recommend UKSA to anyone looking for a career at sea.”

Not just for bucket lists; UKSA graduates get to travel the world and experience some truly beautiful places and all while working!

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