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India Tayyar-Barnes

SY Hosptitality/Watersports Instructor Training/Professional Yachtmaster

Malta, Ireland, the Isle of Wight….where next for India Tayyar-Barnes?

18-year-old sailing and watersports enthusiast, India Tayyar-Barnes from Malta, came to UKSA to build on her chef training in Ireland. She is nurturing her ambition to have a future career in the superyacht industry using UKSA’s reputed courses as a stepping stone.

India shares her story spanning three islands, three training courses and three competences – hospitality, watersports instruction and yachting:  “I enjoy sailing and watersports hugely. I sailed with my family while I was growing up, navigating the waters around Malta at weekends and then around Sicily for family holidays.

Why do you want to work in the superyacht industry?

Since the age of 16, I’ve wanted to be part of the superyacht industry and I’m doing everything I can to get there.  I have many friends in the industry and they often talk about the great times and adventures they are having. In Malta, you see superyachts all the time and I’ve always had an interest in them.

“I heard about UKSA online; it has great reviews and a solid reputation for helping people get into the superyacht industry.”

How did you hear about UKSA?

I heard about UKSA online; it has great reviews and a solid reputation for helping people get into the superyacht industry. I also had recommendations from many friends who have done all sorts of courses at UKSA to work in watersports and yachting.

My time here has been a three-step journey.  After completing the Superyacht hospitality training course, I went on to do the Watersports Instructor Training straight afterward to qualify as a watersports instructor.  I’m now on a Professional Yachtmaster Offshore course with aspirations to improve my sailing skills and start my career on a superyacht in the future travelling the world.

What is life on campus like at UKSA?

It’s great being on campus at UKSA – I love it here and have done since starting in March 2018. And the Isle of Wight reminds me of home as it is a tiny island just like Malta. I also found it useful during the Watersports Instructor Training course here. You can travel to different locations around the Island and its very easy to find the perfect weather conditions to train.

What are your future ambitions?

My end goal is to work as a deck/stew as I will be able to combine being a deckhand with being a stewardess, ensuring guests are having a great time and receiving the service they deserve. This November, I will start a deck/stew/chef role on an 18m catamaran in the Caribbean as a first step.  Then I have my sights set on working in the superyacht industry as a future step.

I took advantage of the Industry Guidance career support here to apply for jobs. I received help with writing an appropriate CV, received mentoring and industry knowledge sessions with industry professionals and crew agents.

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