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Will Reed

“There are a lot of great roles and opportunities to explore in the Superyacht industry.”

Designed to support diversity in the industry, the Edmiston Superyacht Crew Training course is a great starting point to begin a career at sea with Edmiston. Working in the superyacht industry can offer you the opportunity to travel all over the world to remote and exotic locations. We catch up with Will who recently graduated from the course and is now working in the industry for Edmiston.

What were you doing before you came to UKSA?

While completing my 5-week course at UKSA I was in my last year of college revising for my year 13 final exams.

How did you hear about UKSA and what made you do the Crew Training course with us?

I have always wanted to pursue a maritime career. Growing up, I loved watersports, especially sailing and windsurfing and I competed nationally as well as completing my instructor qualifications. Through extensive research, I ended upon UKSA’s website where I explored the deck crew course in partnership with Edmiston.

Did you receive assisted career funding for the course? If so, who from?

I was extremely fortunate to receive funding for my course through the Edmiston Foundation.

If you received funding, how did it help you with your future ambitions?

The funding that I received enabled me to connect with opportunities throughout the industry and allowed me to undertake the required qualifications at UKSA that I otherwise would not have been able to access.

What was life like at UKSA?

The tuition and knowledge that I gained from UKSA was some of the best in the industry. The care and support you receive from all of the staff as well as the encouragement to push yourself further is what makes you want to achieve more.

Describe your three highlights of UKSA

My main highlights of the course would have to be the Tender Operator Course, fire fighting training and deck maintenance.

What is it like in the Superyacht Industry?

Being a part of the industry is something so unique. At present I am working on my B.Sc in Business Management with Marketing, but I spend time working in the superyacht industry outside of term time.

The people you get to meet and work with is what makes any role one that you want to remain in – there are a lot of great roles and opportunities to explore in the industry.

Now that you’re in the industry, please explain your typical day-to-day duties

The brokerage side of the industry was always a path that I wanted to explore.

In the summer of 2022, I gained an internship working out of Edmiston’s London office; focussing on different areas of the company.

Last September, I gained the role and responsibility of coordinating and managing the tender service which Edmiston operates at the Monaco Yacht Show. My job throughout the show was to liaise with clients and staff to ensure that everybody was able to gain access to points around the show as well as to yachts at anchor. I’ve recently been asked to go back and run this service again in 2023 which is something I can’t wait to do!

What advice would you offer someone considering our Superyacht Crew Training course?

The most valuable advice I have to offer anybody considering undertaking a Superyacht Crew Training course is to go out and do it. Make the time to do it as an immersive experience and you’ll get a lot from it.

The experience is completely different to anything else you may do. You will have access to so many qualifications in such a short period of time – there’s nothing like it. The friends and contacts you make and meet will give you a completely different perspective of what a typical 9-5 day of work looks like too!

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