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In 1987 our inspirational founders Noel and Sylvia Lister pledged £4 million to establish UKSA with the aim of introducing as many people as possible to the inspiration and challenges of sailing. Today, we have a number of key campaigns that are enabling us to continue to fulfil these aims for deserving young people from across the UK.

Continuing the Listers’ legacy

Our fundraising campaigns aim to continue the Listers’ legacy and enable as many people as possible to access to what UKSA has to offer.

Two female yachting students holding rope

Making a real difference

Leave no child behindThere are parents and schools from deprived inner city and rural areas who cannot afford to send their children on outdoor educational activities such as at UKSA. The result is these children are falling behind their classmates academically.

Our Local Community – A special programme funded entirely by individual and company donations. Giving every Year 6 Island child the opportunity to participate in a half-day sailing, developing confidence and important life skills. With Polly’s Challenge as a follow on.

Building Better FuturesUKSA has embarked on an ambitious programme to upgrade and renew our accommodation and facilities.