Become a yachting instructor

So you want to be a yachting instructor?

The yachting industry offers a wealth of opportunity to anyone with a passion for the ocean and for working with people. With the opportunity to live and work in warm climates, visit some of the most beautiful places on earth, it’s easy to see why so many people choose a career in the yachting industry.

Job role

What does a yachting instructor do?

A commercially endorsed Yachtmaster ticket with a Cruising Instructor endorsement will qualify you to teach to RYA Day Skipper level. You’ll be responsible for teaching groups of students by giving clear practical demonstrations and accurately explaining any part of the yachting syllabus in detail.

Personality traits

You will need to be engaging and patient, encouraging your students to learn to sail a yacht with confidence.

Skills required

Yachting instructors use their skills and experience to teach students how to competently navigate and sail a yacht and how to safely command its crew.


There are sailing schools all over the UK, and all around the world, so you’ll have the option to work locally or travel and teach abroad.

Career prospects

Skippers with 7,000 miles and a seasons teaching experience will be eligible for the RYA Yachtmaster Instructor course.

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