Royal Merchant Navy Education Foundation

Royal Merchant Navy Education Foundation

Contributions towards funding young people in need, during education and professional training.

About the fund

Today’s Royal Merchant Navy Education Foundation (RMNEF) started life in 1827 as The Merchants’ Seamen’s Orphan Asylum, which was tasked not only with providing board and lodging for the orphans of British Merchant Navy seamen but also, and pertinently, with sufficient education to enable them to obtain employment.

Today, the RMNEF is a British national children’s educational charity providing funding and support that ‘enables education’.

Who can apply?

Funding is available to the children of Merchant Navy seafarers, professional sea-going fishermen and RNLI lifeboat crew members, who have served or are serving at sea and who are unable to meet their children’s educational needs.

In particular, RMNEF support may be available to those applying for UKSA’s flagship Superyacht Cadetship course, for those training in phases 3 and 5 as well as the Foundation Degree element. This support is available to those who have been unable to obtain funding elsewhere for their Cadetship as much as to those who have been partly successful.

How to apply

Applicants should first speak to course advisors at UKSA before applying to the Foundation.

Your course advisor will be able to assess your eligibility, advise you on how much you might be able to get funding for and support you with your funding applications. Please call (01983) 203038 or email [email protected]



The idea of travelling all over the world working on a boat and meeting people from different cultures inspired me to train professionally. I chose UKSA as a friend who was already in the industry said that UKSA was recognised across Europe for its professionalism and teaching skills. Gaining my Yachtmaster qualification has helped me completely change my life.

Nicola Belardo -SY Deckhand/Professional Yachtmaster Offshore

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