A tour around our new yachts

Published 18/10/2019

Delivering maritime training with the best equipment

Our fleet is carefully chosen to provide experience on a wide range of yacht types with different characteristics. This ensures that when you are out in the industry, you can step from one boat to another with confidence.

The Jeanneau 449 is a fantastic training yacht, suited to handling under power and sail.  Onboard you can master the techniques required to conduct your command passages, take part in self-skippering exercises and pass your practical exams.  Peruse these short videos to find out more about its key features:

Navigation & Chart plotting – ideal for training

So this is our navigation area. One of the adaptions we’ve had done from fit-out is the chart table which has been made in such a way that we can actually fit a full-size a3 chart on board as demonstrated. We also have our chart plotter screen here which is a new RayMarine hybrid touch so not only is it a touchscreen version you can also just move your cursor along the dial.

On this setup because it’s relatively new, we can also have apps on board so we can connect to marina Wi-Fi and then we can have a weather app where we can actually download a forecast and save it onto the plotter of up to 7 days.

Other things we can get on the chart plotter is this dashboard and on that dashboard, if we’re putting in waypoints or bearings to go to this plotter will determine relative information such as distance, windspeed and more.

The actual chart itself can be repeated in the cockpit and on our cockpit repeaters we have three repeaters in the cockpit. They’re also multifunctional display so again we can select the station area. We have our RayMarine VHF. On most boats you’ll probably find that they just have the one VHF set followed by a handheld. On here we do have that but we also have what they call a Command mic in the cockpit which means we can operate VHF on the cockpit without actually having to come down below.

At the back we have the good old trusty stereo, everyone needs one of those! Following this is a battery monitor which is set up so if our voltage goes a little bit low, it sets an alarm off informing the crew skipper that we need to plug or get the engine on.

  • Full size A3 chart plotting table
  • RAYMARINE hybrid touchscreen navigation
  • RAYMARINE handheld VHF
  • Downloadable weather APPS
  • Command MIC on cockpit

Cabin layout – great versatility for mixed crew

So the current fit-out we have on board is a four-cabin version. We have two double cabins at the back of the vessel, we then have a double V berth cabin up the front and a double bunk cabin on port side forward. This gives us great versatility for having mixed genders on board as well as having younger people on board. If we do need to digress any further to have more room then we can make our saloon table into a double bunk to give us that little bit extra room.

  • 4 cabin version
  • Adapted for mixed gender and younger crews
  • Saloon table can be lowered & transformed into an additional bunk

Galley area – compact & practical

This is our galley area on board, it’s a nice enclosed space which boasts twin sinks for when the crew do the washing up we also have an electric pump as well as a foot pump in case we had an issue with the tanks. We have quite a nice big deep fridge with a freezer box so our food will stay nice and fresh when we’re at sea. Following on is the cooker and the hobs and we have a nice crash bar here so if we are cooking at sea we can strap ourselves in if it’s a bit rough at sea.

  • Twin sinks
  • Electric pump as well as a foot pump
  • Deep fridge with freezer box for plenty of storage
  • Crash bar for adverse weather

LED Lighting – great for saving energy

So on our switch panel we have all our switches that we can check how much fuel we’ve got and also switching on any electrical equipment. A great feature of this boat is that everything on board is LED including our navigation lights which is fantastic for sailing power, reducing the charge our batteries.

  • Interior & exterior LED lights
  • Energy efficient
  • Manageable via a switch panel

Bilge access – easy for students

Our extra features we’ve added onto this boat is having nice clear access to the bilges which is the lowest point for boat, so any water that comes on board whether it be from weather or clothing, it will drain into the bilges. We’ve added extra catches in so that we can lift any floor plate up any one time. All of our bilges have automatic water pumps to easily pump out excess water.

  • Clear access to bilges
  • All water can be drained
  • Extra floorboard catches throughout
  • Automatic pumping and alarm system

Engine – ideal for harbour manoeuvres

On board we have our main engine access from the under the steps. We have a 57 horsepower Yamaha engine which gives the boat quite a lot of grunt when under power, ideal for birthing manoeuvres. Another feature is an automatic fire extinguisher system so if for any reason we had an engine bay fire or anything like that the automatic extinguisher will go off straight away keeping the crew safe.

  • Accessed from steps
  • 57 horsepower Yamaha engine
  • Great for berthing manoeuvres
  • Sail-drive gearbox
  • 3 blade prop
  • Automatic fire extinguishers

Jeanneau Specs

The Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 449 is an exceptional yacht, ideal for students to sail while receiving the exceptional training on offer at UKSA. Here are the specifications of the 449.

Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 449 Specifications
Brand Jeanneau
Boat type Sailboat
Hull Type Monohull
Length Overall 13.76 m
Beam 4.24 m
Propeller Type 3 Blade

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