How to make your CV stand out for the 2021 Med season

Published 19/11/2020

Top Tips for from Louise Overend from Superyacht Agent YPI Crew

The Caribbean yachting season is underway and things are quietening down on the recruitment market. Considering the spare time between now and the start of the Mediterranean yachting season, I thought it would be a great time to share a few ideas on what you can do to make your CV stand out. Use the time wisely – there are plenty of things to investigate and research to help you stand out from the crowd!


Invest your time in making your CV the best reflection of you. There can be confusion around what makes a good CV – it’s the question I’m asked most often. The answer is simple – it’s you! It’s your experience, your skills, and your personality. Once you realise this, the rest is easy. You don’t need fancy coloured boxes or crazy fonts – all you need is a simple, clear and professional way to present yourself.

The golden rule is simplicity. A good layout, well written information, a clear font and no spelling mistakes will show far more about you than any amount of colour or logos. It also shows you have attention to detail – a key skill required in yachting. There should be no excuse for these mistakes on your CV come April: double, triple, quadruple check while you have the time.


Investigate as much as you can about the interior and research the positions and the skills required for them. Look at where you may have these strengths already and highlight them when writing your objective and work experience.

You will see positions asking for specific skills, for example experience in high end restaurants and events is always a huge advantage. However, with Covid this may not be possible. Instead, research and master those other additional skills. Learn about cocktails, wine pairings, barista skills, napkin folds, toilet roll folds, and find inspirational ideas to create beautiful table settings.  It doesn’t have to be super expensive – there are lots of YouTube videos available. Many Stews have also created their own social media pages sharing their knowledge. Practise, get confident and you will really stand out. Agents and Chief Stews will be impressed with your proactive attitude, and that you have saved them valuable training time. You may find that you have a real interest or natural talent at one thing in particular. If you do, really research it, start a portfolio of the things you have created, and make it your strong skill.


Research any additional qualifications you may think are worth investing in. Floristry is always very popular. The ability to design and create beautiful table arrangements is a huge plus. It is also a talent which will appeal to Chief Stews, who could potentially delegate this to you so they can use their valuable time elsewhere. Research plant care, so you can look after any plants onboard – larger yachts can have many and orchids are both a real favourite and a real challenge. Speaking with my Chief Stews, orchids can become the bane of the season given the difficulties of correct care and yacht aircon. Why not buy one and practice keeping it alive?

So there are a few ideas on ways you can use your time wisely over the coming months to make you really stand out and secure that interview. I look forward to seeing you next season!

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