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STCW Safety training

In the maritime world, safety is paramount. At UKSA we offer a comprehensive range of all-inclusive STCW safety training courses at our site in Cowes, Isle of Wight. Our courses cover the theory and practice of staying safe at sea.

What is STCW?

The International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (commonly known as STCW) is a legally binding international convention on minimum standards for training and qualification for those working at sea. In simple terms, it outlines the minimum training that all seafarers must complete before taking employment at sea.

You can read more about the Convention on the International Maritime Organisation’s website.

If you are taking your first step in the yachting industry we would recommend that you consider our Superyacht Crew Training course or our Superyacht Hospitality Training course. Both of these courses include the STCW alongside other qualifications that will stand you in good stead for starting your career.

If you just need to complete the STCW, we offer a STCW Basic Safety Training course that covers all the essential modules for the best value for money. You can also complete these modules separately.

STCW First Aid courses

Some maritime professionals will be required to complete a more advanced medical course for some employment on board. This could apply to Security Officers, Masters, Mates or other positions depending on the ship. These courses are Proficiency in Medical First Aid on Board, and Proficiency for Persons in Charge of Medical Care on Board Ship. These are MCA approved qualifications as well.

Why choose UKSA?

All of our courses are all-inclusive. Food is included for all courses, and accommodation is included for courses that are longer than 1 day. This means that once you’re here you won’t be landed with any hidden costs or surprises.

All of our STCW courses take place on our secure site in Cowes, so you won’t be travelling back and forth between different training locations. And most importantly, all of our courses are taught by experienced professionals and you’ll be using our top-class facilities.

Our doors don’t close when classes end: we have evening seminars and you’ll have access to facilities after teaching hours. There’s also a great social aspect to training at UKSA thanks to our lively bar with regular events and convivial atmosphere.

You won’t find a better place to do your STCW safety training!

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