5 Mental & Emotional Stages You May Be Going Through Right Now

Published 31/03/2020

UKSA’s Welfare officer, Kim Fry shares advice on what we might be going through at present. “Whatever stage you’re in right now in dealing with the current situation, I want you to know it will pass and you will feel more okay. Look after yourselves and those you love. We’ve got this.”


When we don’t really want to believe what is happening is happening, even when we are being constantly told it.

We continue living life as normal because we just don’t want to accept that a change is coming.

Believe and Panic

We believe a change is coming and we can start to see this change all around us and we panic because everyone around us is panicking.

We might even start to stockpile and we feel a bit scared.


So after the panic the worry might set in. Everything you see and hear around you feels like more bad news and this might start to affect your sleep and your general sense of wellbeing.

This can be exhausting and it can make us feel a bit sad as we grieve for what we have lost.

Accept and Let Go

You start to realise that change is going to happen, even though you don’t want it to, but you accept it. You realise that you just don’t have the energy to be that worried and that bothered by all the surrounding negativity. You decide to move away from the negative thinking and you slowly start to feel better. You build routine into your day and you find at least one thing to be positive about.


We adjust our lives and we change how we do things, how we communicate, how we work, how we fill our day, how we connect with our families and friends. We make the best of the situation and it it okay if we still feel a bit scared.

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