The Child of Wight Awards are making a comeback for 2023

Published 24/05/2023

The Child of Wight Awards are making a triumphant return in 2023, and UKSA is honoured to support the prestigious Child of Wight Sporting Star Award.

This remarkable event provides a platform to celebrate the remarkable achievements of the Island’s most cherished treasures: its children. With a total of 11 awards covering various aspects of a child’s life, we are eagerly anticipating an evening filled with excitement and jubilation at Tapnell Farm, one of the Island’s premier attractions, on September 8th.

This captivating event promises not only an abundance of joy and entertainment but also a plethora of heart-warming and inspiring stories that exemplify the extraordinary qualities possessed by the children of the Isle of Wight. The impact of these exceptional individuals will be showcased through an extensive cross-media campaign, ensuring widespread coverage across platforms such as Isle of Wight Radio, The Beacon Magazine, the Internet, and social media.

Stay tuned for more information soon.

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