UKSA announces Howden Superyacht sponsorship

Published 14/02/2024

UKSA has announced a new sponsorship with the global insurance group, Howden. Following a significant investment in the new technology from UKSA, the superyachts team at Howden are sponsoring the cutting edge Navi-Trainer Professional 6 Bridge Simulator (NPT6) to enhance training for its maritime students.

The partnership and financial contribution to UKSA, will result in the simulator being used by over 200 students each year. Many of the students are already working on superyachts, however, over 500 development and careers students at the beginning of their training journey will experience the simulator as an introduction to the superyacht sector and the careers available to them.

In addition to sponsoring the bridge simulator, the Howden superyachts team, which specialises in privately-owned super and mega yachts with values up to £500 million with many in the top 100 list, will be visiting UKSA to give its Masters students presentations on the Superyacht and related industry.

James Potipher, MCA and Cadetship Manager, said: “We’re excited to be working closely with the Howden superyacht team, which will enable UKSA to provide a unique insider’s perspective on the inner workings of a large multinational corporation within the maritime sector, offering our students insights into the complexities of the insurance industry in combination with unique insight into the insurance requirements involved in owning and operating large yachts.

“Everyone will be benefiting from the depth of knowledge and expertise inherent in Howden and this additional layer of detail is particularly beneficial for our students pursuing careers as captains in the superyacht sector.”

Caspar McDonald, Executive Director – Superyachts at Howden said: “Highly trained crew are integral to safe and incident free yachting. At Howden, we are thrilled to be sponsoring the new Bridge Simulator at UKSA and therefore playing a small part in underpinning its continued drive for on board excellence.”

The bridge simulator gives students the opportunity to perform training exercises in a variety of scenarios with different types of ships. It will be used by students on the Navigation and Radar (Officer of the Watch and Master) courses and Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) course.

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