Waitress or Superyacht stewardess - which would you choose?

Published 24/01/2019

Thinking of working in hospitality? Considering a gap year?

Where would you prefer to work – a 7* Superyacht or 5* hotel…..the choice is yours!

If the only way you’re ever going to rub shoulders with billionaires is by working for them, you could do worse than provide hospitality on an impossibly elegant yacht or in a world-class hotel … but which one appeals to you more?

What personal traits do I need to work in these industries?

What superyacht stewards and stewardesses have in common with hotel hospitality workers, apart from sumptuous opulence, is elite guests whose needs will be your top priority at all times of the day and night.

In return for often very generous tips they expect flawless customer service, attention to the tiniest detail and your personal touch geared to each individual, all carried out with efficiency, ease and charm. You must be consistently amiable and presentable and you must be able to think on your feet, solve problems and be supremely organised.

Still interested?

Good, because the rewards outshine all the hard work.

The Superyacht – Floating palaces

A career on superyachts can take you to glamorous locations all over the world that up until now you may have only dreamed of.

Your accommodation on one of these floating palaces may be bijou and on the odd occasion you will be on constant call, but with no living expenses, free food and board and extraordinarily generous tips, you can stack up cash pretty quickly – the standard rate of pay is in excess of €2,500 per month. Did you know – the pay that a superyacht steward of stewardess receives is also tax free!

Usually you’ll be part of a crew which is one of the best bits, like having a family all your own age and away from home, and you’re guaranteed to make friends for life. Your work will be different and interesting and spent in unbelievably luxurious surroundings.

If you’d rather have a job in which you can separate your work life from your personal life, however, perhaps a world-class hotel is for you.

5-star hotels

You could work in cities all over the globe and move between locations as you choose, particularly if you work for a hotel chain.

Exceptional staff are rewarded in high-class hotels – many of them offer free use of the hotel amenities, lunches are made daily by top chefs and there are mentoring programmes for career furtherance. The shift patterns are fairly stable, overtime pay is usually offered and you can leave your work at work.

In both instances you will gain an enormous sense of pride in knowing that the super-rich are relying on you to maintain and ensure the smooth running of their lives, and that you are able to satisfy the needs of the most elite people in the world.

Launch your career within the Superyacht industry

If you fancy working onboard some of the most luxurious motor yachts in the world then look no further, UKSA offer a range of professional courses to kick-start your new career.