Welcoming our new Superyacht Crew Training students

Published 09/01/2019

From retail & bar work to a career in Superyachting! We catch up with our January ’19 intake of Superyacht Crew Training students.

We interviewed four of our international group of new Crew Training students, three of whom had heard about the course from friends. This is what they told us about themselves.

1. Where were you working before this course?

Chandra: On a tanker vessel as an ordinary seaman.

Maxim: In retail, oil refineries and on railways around the UK.

Petter: In retail on a Greek Island.

Markos: In a bar/restaurant.

2. What made you decide to study with us?

Markos: UKSA has a really good reputation and provides industry guidance.

Petter: I thought the provision of industry guidance was really important.

3. What do you hope to get out of the course?

Maxim: I want to be able to understand my duties and be ready to apply for a job.

Chandra: A deckhand job as a start in the industry.

4. What specifically appeals to you about the superyacht industry?

Petter: Travelling, opportunities and the wages.

Markos: It’s a great way to experience something outside my comfort zone.

5. Have you had any thoughts about your first job, or future plans?

Chandra: I want to get higher up within the yacht industry.

Markos: Ideally I’ll be in the Med for the summer and Florida or the Caribbean in the winter, but I’ll take what I can get.

Petter: I’m not picky about my first job but I would like some onboard experience.

Maxim: I want to really focus on applying everywhere to get a job.

What is the Superyacht Crew Training course?

UKSA’s Superyacht Crew Training is a 3-week entry-level course designed to train crew and deck hands looking to work in the superyacht industry. Students are generally aged between 18- 30; there are no pre-requisite qualifications required although skills such as carpentry, personal training or life-guarding are useful.

To find out more about more please contact our sales advisors on 01983 203038 or email [email protected]